Monday, September 6, 2010

So much snot

This little boy has his first real cold.  It involves a lot of snot, a cough and overall being bummed out!  It's probably harder on me than it is on him, although having that much snot and a runny nose can't be fun at all.
Thankfully, he slept great last night and took a 2.5 hr nap this morning after some Tylenol and sucking out the snot :)  He was a trooper at the store and of course, had a blast in the shopping cart, smiling at all the ladies while playing with toys.
We'll see how things go the next couple days....
Even though he's not himself, he still wanted to crawl to everything and play with toys.  Good boy :)


Bonnie said...

I'm so glad you found my blog! I was just in Salt Lake City visiting a friend. She has a baby a little older. We went to Park City & had a lot of fun. It is so pretty there. I added your blog to my bloglist, so we'll have to keep up with each other & our boys!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Yep, Jude sleeps 10 hours a night...through the's NICE.