Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scooter Magoo and some Oktoberfest

We've had a great weekend here at the Dean house.  Friday we went swimmin' with Ali and Siri.  Unfortunately, the water was pretty cold, so we didn't stay long, but it was still fun to be at the Draper pool for the last day they were open til next summer.  We spent A LOT of days there the past 3 months.

Saturday I went to a baby/toddler parking lot's one of the best "garage" sales in SLC (followed by and awesome ride on the Crest with Re!).   This time around, I found a cool little scooter for Sam.  The minute I brought it inside, he wanted to play with it.  I'd say he's pretty good at sitting on it already :)

Also scored a great space saver high chair/booster seat.  It's much better than what we had because now he's in there more secure and the tray is way bigger.  I didn't realize before he was born when I bought the previous one that a big tray is actually really awesome (for any of you expecting mom's out there, fyi!)
Went to the Oktoberfest for some walking around and music.  I love sitting in the tent and listening to the music...I know Dan could do without it, but I really like it.
We met Ali, Mark and Siri there.  Siri loved the chicken dance, it was so cute.  Our cousins Em and Jesse were there too.  They're expecting their first little one in late March.  We're SO, SO excited for them!
I made Sam sit on the stage for a minute.  He actually did so great with all the loud music and people...of course, it was people watching heaven for him.
Since Sam was pretty dirty from all the crawling around and stuff, we gave him a bath inbetween his naps today.  He likes the bath but lately, all he wants to do is stand up.  It's slippery in there, very slippery and we knew it was just a matter of time before he fell and bonked which he did, today.  It was traumatic.  He cried a lot and has a big red/blue bump on his forehead.  He was a trooper though and as soon as he saw himself in the mirror, he smiled big.

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