Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Halloween party

Last night we had our annual family Halloween party. It was super fun and of course, Sam's first time dressing up.
Our little Super Sam!

He's been crabby then happy, then crabby, then happy, then really sad, then happy these days. I was pretty hopeful that he'd be in a happy mood yesterday because he took a two hour nap in the afternoon...this usually means he's happy til bedtime. Nope, not last night. Of course he was sad pretty much the entire time we had people over and until we put him down while everyone was still here around 7:30. Poor little thing must be teething or at least I hope that's the reason for such sadness and these up and down moods :(
I managed to get this before the real meltdown occured...

Despite the little man's mood, we had a great time. All the kids dressed up and I thought they all looked awesome!

Yummy food

The witch and her cauldron!

Connor and Izac. So handsome.

Ali carved one of her home grown pumpkins with Siri. Her prego lifeguard costume was awesome, by the way :)

After Sam launched off the couch and landed on his face, that was our cue for bedtime...but not without a pic of us together. Maybe he'll smile when we dress him up again next weekend for our neighborhood trick or treaters! Thanks again family for coming over, was fun.

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