Wednesday, October 20, 2010


What happens when Grandpa Mike comes to visit? A project of course :) Dan's Dad left this morning after staying with us for the last 6 days, it was SO wonderful to have him here and I miss him already. I wish Grandma, Grandpa and Kelley could be here all the time with us instead of in CA.

I love the fact that Mike is so incredibly handy and pretty much knows how to fix or build anything house related. We've wanted a bit more open space from our front room to the kitchen, especially now that we have Sam movin' around so much.


Sam was such a good helper


After...It turned out so great! It's amazing what a little more open space will do for you. It's SO refreshing and so much better.

Grandpa treated us to some yummy dinners and played with us a lot. He and Dan also went on a couple bike rides since Dan took some time off work. Sam sure is attached to Mom and Dad (Mom especially these days, sheesh!) but he warmed right up to Grandpa and I just loved watching them play with each other and interact.

The only pic I got of the three boys...including a sad Sam :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for all the work and for the visit. We can't wait til we see you again this winter!

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