Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kings Peak

Last month, Dan and our friend Jamon ran Kings Peak.  It's the highest peak in UT at 13,528 feet.  He said it was awesome and they felt really good the entire time.  They drove up on a Saturday early in the morning, ran it all and then came back that evening.  Pretty ambitious for a 28.8 miler in one day :)
Here is Dan's report of the day...

-Hit King's Peak on saturday with a friend. Without a doubt this should be on any long-distance runner's life list. The landscape is spectacular and at 28.8 miles just squeaks in as an ultra.

The weather was unbeatable, high around 60 and not a single cloud in the entire sky. Seriously, not even a single hint of a cloud. Finished in around 8:25 car-to-car. We made frequent brief stops to snap pics and take in the grandeur of the scene, and spent about 45 minutes hanging out on the peak (dead calm at 13.5k? Yep.). My only regret is not bringing an audio recorder to capture the comments from backpackers :)
     ...and today he's on his way back from riding bikes in Moab all weekend.  What a rough life!

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