Tuesday, October 5, 2010

        I love these blue eyes.  So much
As much as I don't want the warm weather to go away, I just love that we get to start wearing beanies, jackets and pants.  Last night, we tried to go to a pumpkin patch by our house but it wasn't set up yet.  So, we decided to get some dinner.  At the taco cart.  In the wind and light rain.  It was pretty sweet and Sam didn't mind it.  Good thing it only took us a few minutes to chow down cause it was chilly!
Sam has taken a liking to the sliding glass door.  He could stand there forever I think.  He loves to watch the leaves in the wind and stuff.  I would too.  

Today we went to our first story time at the library.  We made it the 30 mins, but he seriously wouldn't sit still after 10 mins of being there.  I need to figure out how to make sure he doesn't keep touching other little babies faces and stuff.   He sort of understands "no" or "don't touch," but not for more than a few seconds :)
Tomorrow we're going to our first Gymboree class, just to check it out and meet some new babes and Moms.   I need to get this little boy out and about meeting new little friends his age.

Also, Ali made THIS really, really yummy soup on Sunday.  I loved it and you should make it too.  Perfect for fall.

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