Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkins, Benjamin, candy and a stay with Grandma

This morning, we attempted to wish our awesome nephew Benjamin, a Happy Birthday. We love you buddy!
We finally carved our pumpkin. Looked pretty awesome outside for the trick or treaters ;)
SuperSam played and played and played last night. We also went to our neighbors and played there for a bit too...the only real house he went trick or treating this year :) He was so happy we didn't want to put him to bed!
Played with Siri at My Gym in the morning. He loves to sit and play in the big tub of balls.

On Thursday, we went up to stay overnight with my Mom and John in Kamas. We had such a fun time and it was SO nice to spend more than a couple hours with my Mom.
Silly Siri and Sam. They were so happy at dinner. Sam pretty much stuffed his face with Grandmas meatballs, carrot & mashed potatoes and veggies! YUM.
He spent a lot of time looking at himself (and licking) the oven. He loves to do that.
He loved looking at the horses. He just looked at them in amazement.
Had a fun time in Grandmas big bath. All he wanted to do was splash and stand up. Who cares about the toys!
I just love this picture. He kept imitating Grandmas laugh....over and over and over. Such a fun weekend.

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