Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sam-9 months

Stop growing up so fast little boy!
We're really loving the phase Sam is in right now.   In the past couple weeks he's learned and understands-how to clap, wave hi, knows where the ball is or, go find the ball, no, don't touch (although he only obeys for a bit usually :), come here or over here, bottle and some other things.  It's pretty neat to see him start to understand these things, makes it SO rewarding and amazing for us.

Great sleeper at night, although the last couple nights he's been up at least 3-4 times banging around and I guess just playing and being awake at all hours, ugh!  Thankfully, he's not screaming or doesn't sound sad so we don't go in :)  (this doesn't bode well with my 3 days a week of working out at 5:45am!)
Naps twice a day in the morning and afternoon, 1.5-2 hrs.
Likes his bottle in the morning and most the time at night, but doesn't usually like it during the day.  We've introduced him to lots of different food because of his lack of taking a bottle (besides pureed baby food) and he loves ALL of it.   He'll eat anything and everything we offer him.
No sign of teeth.
He's such a happy boy, we're pretty lucky.  He's definitely having the stranger anxiety and attaching to me a lot these days.  It can be frustrating, but it's oh so precious that he just loves Mom and Dad so much.
So happy with Grandma!

 He just loves his Dad.  He had to be IN on the action while we were Sam-proofing the drawers the other day.  So cute.
Anytime the dishwasher is open, he has to be touching it, on it or around it.

Just this week, he's started to pull up to the walker or scooter and take off walking with it. We were pretty excited and so is he!
He hasn't gained much weight in the past 3 months, as he's so on the move and just busy, busy, busy.  We're fine with it as long as he's happy and healthy.  He weighs 18.5 lbs, is 28 inches tall and has a normal size head :)

We just love him so, so, so much...such a silly boy sometimes.

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