Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some stuff...

We had a great time at Gymboree last week.  Sam loved, loved to shake things and chase around any ball that came his way.  He also loved being surrounded by the little ladies while playing with the drum.   There were 11 other babies around Sam's age in the class, which was so great.   Talking with  the Mom's (and a Dad), relating to them and just being social was very refreshing for me.  We're going to try and do a month here and there, as I really like that they include music and a gym type of environment there.  It'll be especially fun when Sammers starts walking :)
After our weekly trip to Costco, I figured he'd like to play with this box and boy was I right!  He stood in there for a good 20-30 mins just smiling, jibber jabbing and waving away.  It was pretty darn cute.
He was like our watch dog this morning before his nap.  He loves to sit there and look outside and bang his legs against the wall.
The pumpkin patch we always go to finally opened today.  We love to get our pumpkins there because the owners are there every year for pumpkins and christmas trees and grow very close to this location, so we like to support them.  Of course, Sam didn't want to smile or look at me for any of the pics.  He wanted to eat the hay or anything resembling hay.
They have some really cool and different looking pumpkins there so we had to grab a couple to take home.
And last, Dan had the great idea of taking a melon baller to a potato and then frying those little balls in a bit of beef fat until they were soft and crispy pieces of heaven.  Oh my.  SO good.

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