Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas time with Sam and Grandma Jane

 (lot's of pics here...)
We had a wonderful and relaxing time with Grandma Jane over Christmas.  I was really excited since it was Sams first Christmas, Dan doesn't go back to work until the 3rd and Jane got to be with us for 5 days.  Sam was trying to get over a flu/cold/the runs combo during this time, so he wasn't the happiest kid around.  Considering all that, we had such a good time and did lots.
 We started the holiday off with dinner at the Red Iguana.  So good.
Went downtown to see all the lights.  It's so pretty down there.
I grew up going to the torchlight parade at Snowbird every Christmas Eve.  I loved it and was reminded of how glad I am that my Dad always took us up there when we were kids while my mom stayed home and cooked a yummy dinner.  I think Sam will really start to love this next year :)
 We had a cozy dinner after Sam went to bed, just Jane and us.  We had chicken divan, some steaks a yummy salad and Dan made a frozen eggnog mousse.  Amazing.
Sam wasn't really interested in anything present related except for helping Grandma one time and then looking at and reading his new books.  The boy LOVES books!
Had to get a pic of the Christmas sweater.  I loved him in it, but I don't think he did :)
We spent the Christmas afternoon up at my Mom's.  Sam loved pointing at the horses.  She had the best spread of food and a nice warm fire going for us, it was so lovely.  I love my Mom and John!
I used to love Twister.  The cousins and Sam trying to figure it out.
 I just love this picture.  Grandma reading to the boys.  So cute.
We got to my Mom's in time for Grandpa John to give the horses their Christmas treat...carrots!  We had the best time with my family and Dan's Mom and were so happy she could make it out to be with us.  She and aunt Kelly will be back in two weeks for the little mans ONE year birthday, I can't believe it!  We're spending lots of time with Dan until he goes back to work playing in the snow, doing a little skiing and waiting for little girl cousin Thackeray to arrive any day now!

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