Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year

Tonight I sit here in Ali and Mark's house while Siri is sleeping away.  Mark, Ali and baby are at the hospital, safe and sound and I'm so thankful I get to be a part of this happy time for their newest addition.  Today was quite a whirlwind for them and I feel tired just from running around with Siri and making sure Ali was OK getting to Marks car to make it to the hospital in time to have baby girl.  (oh man was that close)
What a perfect way to ring in the new year though, despite having to be away from Dan and Sam tonight.

We had an amazing year watching Sam grow into an almost one year old.  It was the hardest, fastest and most rewarding year of my life yet.   This time last year I was laying on the couch, waiting and wondering if our precious boy would be arriving soon.
 Exactly 365 days ago. 
 And tonight...the result of my huge belly.  The most handsome little man in stripes, waiting with Siri to see her new sister.
What a year it's been.  Time is going way too fast!  I hope that 2011 brings at least two bike races for me, a couple trail run races for Dan, lots and lots of playing, growing and new adventures with Sam!
Happy New Year!

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