Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun things

We've been doing some fun stuff around here lately.  Last weekend I got together with my sisters for our annual Christmas baking.  I love going up to my Mom's to bake, hang out and listen to music, it's the best!  Jenn made some amazing salted caramels and we also made fudge, wassil, spiced pecans and of course the swedish spritz cookies-SO good.

Max wanted in on the action.  He is SUCH a mellow and happy boy (at least us aunts think so:).  He hungout in the bumbo for at least an hour watching us. 
 Had to.  Sorry Ali!
My sweet Mom.  We had a great time.

 My brother-in-law Mark took the best, cutest and really good PHOTOS of us for Christmas.  I'm pretty sure I love every single photo he took and it would take way too long to post all that I like.  Mark is such a good photographer.

We've been going to My Gym for the past two months, it's been so great-for both of us.  I get to socialize with other parents, Sam gets to play and play...and interact with other kids.  Unfortunately they are closing for good at the end of the month.  I'm SO sad.  We usually go 2-3 times a week and just love it.  We'll have to look for something similar, as it's so worth the money.  Sam has become really familiar with the place, teachers and very comfortable playing and climbing on most things.  So fun.

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Edra Davidson said...

I LOVE how he crawls frontwards down the slide! So sad they are closing the doors for good.