Monday, December 13, 2010

Sam-11 months

It's hard to believe. Where did the last 10 months go?  It's a bit sad he's growing into more of a boy/toddler than a baby, but we sure are having fun!  His days are filled with walking around everywhere, bonking his head or face, playing with anything he can get his hands on, eating, some napping and "talking" away.
 Great sleeper.  Naps twice a day, still goes to bed by about 7:30pm and see those animals?  Those are like his binki.  Either the ears or the tail are in his mouth to soothe him right away to sleep.  He doesn't even have to be holding them, he just keeps them in his mouth-no hands ;)  So adorable.
He loves pretty much any food, especially my turkey chili.  He eats what we eat.  Still takes a bottle in the morning and maybe a bit during the day and if he's still hungry, some before bed.  Super eater Sam!
I'd say 80% of his playing are with these rings.  He'll carry them everywhere...and I mean everywhere, no matter what's going on.  He'll try to climb on things with them, push buttons with 'em in his hands.  His new favorite thing to do is drop them down the stairs and make you go get them while he laughs.  Silly bear.
With more teeth coming in, he's especially needy for Mom these days.  It can be trying sometimes, but it brings me so much joy to snuggle and hold him.  Just knowing that it makes him feel better makes me so happy.
 Sam's first trip to the local tree lot.  We love it.  They had a big fire going, music, a real reindeer and Santa...a VERY tall Santa that Sam was not impressed with.  He just stared at him like "uhhh, who are you?"  Can't wait for next year though, I hope he's into it then!

Big boy car seat.  It's amazing how different it is driving now.  He's a thousand, million times happier!

     Santa's little helper (thanks for the bib J & K!)

His newest toy.  He was so amazed by the flashlight.  He just loved it. 
I think he gets cuter and cuter every month that goes by.  We love Sam SO, SO much!

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Edra Davidson said...

Sam is so good at walking! I love how he climbs right back up!
Carter is still a couple of steps behind Sam but it would still be awesome to see those two walking around together again!