Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sam-12 months

365 days, 52 weeks...has it really been a whole year?  I've learned that when you become a parent, time seriously flies.  At times I feel like I was just pregnant and he was then two months old and here we are, a year gone by.  He's grown SO much and we just love it.   We're having so much fun with him and I can't wait for all the fun (and not so fun:) times we'll have in the year to come.
(lots and lots of pics in this post)
Because we had his one year check up and I want to remember...
19.1 lbs-9%.  He burns a lot of calories walking and runnin' around all day!
29.35" tall-36%
18.25" head-51%
He's a happy, healthy and very active boy.  I was a tad worried about his weight, but it's fine and he eats a ton, so we're all good.
 I say this each month...he's such a good sleeper at night and has been napping well too.  Two naps a day and sleeping 12-13 hrs at night.  We are lucky.
 Morning time means eggs and bacon or sausage!  He LOVES it all.
 And he must hold the banana himself (much like a lot of food he eats these days)
 Loves Nutella!  His favorite foods right now are orange, banana, apple, bread w/ peanut butter, eggs, bacon, chicken rice cakes and cheerios...although he'll at least try anything we give him.
 He's had some fun play dates.  I think he especially likes to play with and around Carter.  We love him!  He's getting better at playing around kids and being more independent.
Up at Alta with his friend Ethan from NYC.
 Lately he's been into getting in and out of his little chair.  He'll sit and watch Singing Time in it, stand, rock and once in a while fall over it.  He has such a good time!
 Love this concentration face.  He's been getting more into blocks and putting things in and out of stuff.  Sometimes I just stare at him while he's in the zone of doing something.  So great.
He love, love, loves books.  I can't say enough how much he loves books.  It's awesome!  Sometimes I'll pick up a book he just really doesn't want and he'll take it away and throw it down, and then give me the "right" book to read him.  It's adorable.
Dan says his squat is perfect.  I mean, he should know, right? ;)  I wish my squat was that deep.  He plays with his toys in this position a lot.
 Such buddies.  It melts my heart.
Had to put on Dad's shoes and tried to walk in them.  Hilarious.
 He's been sledding.  It was so fun!  He didn't last long cause of the wind and cold, but it was a great first time!
 Family on a cold and snowy day.  He does really well in the pack...just sits there and watches everything around him.
We just love him so much and are enjoying how much he loves to walk, run and climb around.  For the most part we have such a happy, happy boy (and when he's not happy...he's really not!)  He's also starting to try and say sounds and words....I can't wait for this new phase of beginning to talk and be even more mobile and independent. 

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