Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

-Thankful for really good doctors.  Here is my after x-ray.  Got my stitches out yesterday and things look to be healing great.  I can use my spin bike and lift 5lb weights, but that's the extent of my working out for the next 3-4 weeks (besides walking).

-Thankful for play dates with sisters and cousins.  These two are way into anything princess.  Sam just wanders around playing with random toys...mostly balls, cars, water bottles or animals.  Such a boy.  He did want to hold a magic wand, so Kate was nice and let Siri and Sam have one :)
 -Thankful for IKEA cups that keep the little man busy when I need to do stuff.  He thought they were the coolest thing.  Bought them yesterday with Sedra and Carter.
-Thankful that Grandpa Mike came for a visit.  It was short, but I'm feeling much better and didn't really need help and it was dumping snow at his house in CA, so he left yesterday.  Can't wait to see him again next month!  Sam loved playing with him.
-Thankful for this most awesome picture.  Thankfully Sam didn't scare least I don't think he did ;)

-Thankful for the times when Sam is so, so silly and so hyper before bed. It seriously makes us smile. So much.

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