Sunday, March 20, 2011

There aren't enough thanks...

...for Grandma Jane helping us out this past week.  She dropped everything last weekend and flew out 7 days ago so things would be easier on us.  I literally don't have enough thank you's for her...never will.  She was such a huge, huge help.  She has washed my hair everyday, laundry, dishes, kitchen, floors,...etc.  She has played with Sam so much and driven us everywhere while Dan was at work. We LOVE her.  I (and all of my family) so wish she lived closer :)
 Sam likes to help Grandma...especially if it involves the dishwasher.
 She went to Gymboree twice with him.
Sam was such a trooper.  Just played and played all week.
We celebrated with Ali on her birthday.  Jane was so nice and bought us lunch and an awesome ice cream cake...Ali's fav.
 We also went to her indoor game.  Of course Sam had to play with and follow around Siri.
We had some yummy dinners out.  It was nice to actually be out and about after surgery.  I needed it.  Love this boy.
We all went to baby Jane's blessing.  I love us in our Sunday best!
Yes, it's gnarly right now, but in a couple months it'll be an awesome least that's what I'm telling myself.  Thanks also to all of my family who called, emailed and came by to see how I was doing, it really helped keep my spirits up.  This has been really hard and will be for a few more weeks, but I'm moving more and more each day.  I hope to be on my spin bike mid week and I should be good to go for bike season in just over a month (thanks GOODNESS!). 
Grandpa Mike comes into town tomorrow night, so thankful for him as well for helping this coming week.  At least I can change a diaper and get dressed on my own now! :)

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