Thursday, April 14, 2011

MoLaRs. They are UgLy

They are huge and ugly and taking a toll on this house!  (OK, mostly Sam but I feel like it too!)
He's got three coming in at one time.  I think that's just mean, don't you?  He doesn't do well with getting big teeth, that's for sure. (he HAS to wear his crocs all the time, no matter what)
The SURE sign of teething, especially molars.  His fingers are like this 98% of the day-and I'm sure night too. No matter what's happening, the fingers are there to soothe!
He'll go from happy, happy running around to the saddest, most clingy thing in 2 seconds flat.  He's also becoming very familiar with what I thought were tantrums that occur around two years old.  Uhhhhh, really? Two?  It's happening NOW.  I have to just let him be and cry it out wherever he is to make him realize that sometimes  he can't always get what he wants :)
 To ease the pain and keep him distracted from all of this, we've been doing a lot of playing outside.  He is sooo into digging in the dirt and looking at everything out in the yard.  I can leave him out there for quite a while, go give him a drink or a snack and he's back at it.  I'm kind of loving it actually.
 Despite all the tears, being mad, throwing fits and things he just SO darn cute-especially when he gives Mr. Monkey loves and snuggles all the time.  I have to admit I LOVE that he wants more snuggles and hugs during these hard days, it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy :)

Grandpa Mike comes for a visit Saturday and we can't wait!
Oh, and he turned 15 months yesterday...more on that later.

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