Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sam-15 months

As if I didn't think time could go any faster, it does.  This little boy is on the go, go, go ALL.THE.TIME.  This kid never stops unless it's nap or bedtime.  I think this is why I feel like our days go by so quickly around here.  He is SO chatty, saying all sorts of words and signing up a storm!  He's so aware of everything and he's like a sponge, soaking everything up he can, learning new things everyday.  I'm loving this phase.
 The cool guy that pretty much rules this house.
 Besides Signing Time, he LOVES watching any skiing videos or stuff with babies in it.  He's just glued to the computer or TV.
 Such a good helper outside.  He's pretty obsessed with dirt, rocks and picking up anything outside and throwing it.  I say this everyday to Dan-he could play out there for 12 hours, I'm sure.
 He's a good sleeper and so cute with animal ears or feet or tails in his mouth while he's in his slumber.  Bedtime is anywhere between 7:15 and 7:45pm.  He's been waking earlier-probably because of the molars, but it was nice when he'd wake up around 7:30 or 8am.  Now, it's right at or before 7...ugh!  We tried going to one nap a couple weeks ago and he was SO not ready.  Still at two naps, but I see that changing to one in the next month or two.
Popsicles for the first time.  Loved it.  Feels good on the gums.
Balloons, can't get enough when they're around.  We usually go to Harmons once a week to get a free balloon cause he loves it so much.  Also, every morning when Dad goes to work, he'll wave bye-bye, run to the couch and watch him leave.  It's so cute.
 He's been giving us (an anyone for that matter) really good "loves" or snuggles lately.  Oh, how I LOVE it!

He is saying more and more words lately. I can't count how many, lost track a couple weeks ago. I'm 100% sure that since he's been watching Signing Time for so long, his words are forming fairly early, it's so cool. He'll pretty much try to say anything we say and has a solid 10-15 words he says all the time. He kept saying "Ali" a couple weeks ago when he looked at his cousins/aunts/uncles book. So awesome. He can sign over half of all the signs on all four dvds.
We just love him so much.  The days just keep getting more and more fun.
And for my records-
Weight-21.5lbs  8%
Height-31 inches  17%

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