Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ironman St. George

 This is Mark Thackeray.  He is my brother-in-law.  He is also a Dad, a photographer, a guy who likes to skate and snowboard.  A guy who (even after knowing him for so long) is still soft spoken and so humble.
 (waiting for Mark to cross the finish line!)
Ali has been a pretty amazing and understanding wife and trooper through all the months of training Mark did.  Her patience may very well be better than mine...even with having a new baby and a two year old to take care of, she fully supported Mark and knew he'd finish.
I went to down to support Mark and to help Ali take care of the girls.  It was fun (and tiring!) to be with Siri and Jane all day. 
Team Mustache.  We had a great time out on the course and hanging out together.
I have never felt a desire to do something like this.  I mean, being able to see these people out there and see the agony in their eyes and body parts makes you really wonder why in the world they would do this.  I mean, seriously? Thankfully, I sort of have a grasp on why-thanks to Dan and his crazy ultra marathons and stuff. After I took this pic, Ali was pretty emotional...and for good reason.  Mark looked pretty glazed over.  Like he was on another planet.  I think he was on planet, "get this over with right now or I'm gonna die!"
The finish.  This photo makes me so happy for them.  For Mark and all of his efforts doing this, just because he could.  SOO glad I could be there.  I almost cried 10 times at this moment.
The evening before at the fun run.  Siri did awesome in her 200 meter race!
I did manage to sit by the pool for a bit.  It was nice to relax for an hour.  I just love it there.
Can't wait to go back to St. George with Ali and Mark...next time with Dan and Sam too!
Oh and one more thing...I have to give a shout out to our friend Brooke Coles, who literally trained harder and more than anyone I know for this.  She ended up getting sick and couldn't finish.  I KNOW she would have crossed that finish line and I hope she gets to be an Ironman soon!

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