Saturday, May 28, 2011

Your face

 It's all torn up, little dude!
 He likes to think he's a big boy going down Ali's concrete stairs, facing forward.  He's done all the stairs a couple times before like that but this time, he ate it hard on the third step down.  I saw it coming, but he INSISTED I not help him, so I let him learn a lesson :)
 In other news, I've begun my training for the BIKE RACE I'm doing in August.  Lucky for me, it means I get to ride my bike quite a bit while Dan plays with Sam.  It's pretty great, but I also know I have lots of hard work on the bike and in my workouts at home to prepare.  It's exciting and totally out of my comfort zone.
 We were able to go on a bike date during the day on Friday.  Thank you Ali for letting us nap Sam at your big house.  Sooooo glad you live close to the trails!
For Grandpa Mike-our grass is growing and growing!  We've mowed it a couple times already and it looks SO good.
And just 'cause...our happy little family on this holiday weekend.  We get to spend LOTS of time together!

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