Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another First

I always thought it was kind of silly when a Mom talks about their childs first emotional or sad or happy or whatever it was.  Well, I totally get it now.  Sam has had the cutest "rat tail" going on for a while now and the long, soft curls behind his ears are adorable.
A couple people asked me if they could braid his "mullet" or "rat tail."  I thought then, it was time for a cut.
 Getting ready for a cut at Auntie Kerrah's.  Nothing better than a sucker to distract him, right?
 He wasn't so sure about it the first few seconds.  He was scared.  It was too cute.
I'm SO glad Kerrah is patient and good with kids.  I basically drop anything and everything to have her cut all of our hair, cause she does it perfect every single time.
 Shorter.  And to me, he looks like such a big boy now...all trimmed up and no more baby hair in the back!
 Thank you Kerrah!
Long hairs before.  Bye bye!
Handsome with a faux hawk!
 On a different note...this is his favorite thing to do lately.  I ask him..."Sam, what is that noise?"  He says "Noiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!" and makes this silly, silly face while doing it.  We laugh so hard.  Every.single.time.
 Same face and does it when he says "Neeiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhhhh!"
Biking has been muddy lately.  Fun, but so muddy.
He also has to sit on the chairs at the table...any table and chairs, he needs to get up and sit on them.  It's especially scary when you turn your back and he's about to fall onto the tile.  Thank goodness I'm fast and have caught him a couple times already :)
Went swimming with Ali and Siri on Memorial Day.  Can't wait for warmer weather and days spent at the pool here soon!

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