Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's summer

And it's been hot.  It's nice to finally be able to go to the pool, play in the sprinklers and just be outside all the time.  
We beat the heat by playing on the deck and in Draper.  He LOVES going to the Draper pool where there are tons of kids to play with and people watch. 
We played with our cousins, who love to take Sam for rides in the car.  Thanks to Sheri for watching Sam while I had jury duty last week, despite him being sad pretty much the entire time!
We've been eating lots of watermelon this week.  This is how he tells us how good something is.  "Mom, this watermelon is sooooo gooooooood!"  Love it.
 He loves citrus and in particular, lemons and limes.  I don't know how he can just eat it like it's an orange or something.  One second his face looks like this....
Then happy and SO good!
He loves to read books.  He'll sit with you through two Dr. Seuss books.  Those books aren't short, so it's amazing he'll sit for that long.
Cousin Max turned one yesterday.  I'm pretty sure he gets cuter by the day.  Such a big boy!
 Kate had her very own lemonade stand at his party.  Too cute.
Sam had a blast with his cousins...and new toys of course.
 He's a bit obsessed with this lawn mower.  Thankfully Ali and Siri let us borrow it, cause it's a huge hit with Sam.  He won't let go of it, even when he watches his Signing Time shows.
He's also become very fond of his little cars.  He loves to make them "crash and burn."  The harder they fall or crash, the better :)
We sure do love this kid and despite his last four teeth trying to make their way in and the tantrums, life is pretty great around here.

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