Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

 So happy and thankful we live in America and get to celebrate our independence each year. 
We started our weekend off with long bike rides.  
 Saturday morning means a long ride for me.  Re and I rode the Mid Mountain trail from Deer Valley to Canyons.  25 miles of awesomeness!
 It was a long ride, but so much fun-especially when you're in good company.
 Dan got up early, early on Sunday morning for a casual 18 mile ride.  Thank goodness, cause it was HOT that day.
This weekend also brought a new cousin.  Enzo James Van Dorn. 
Congrats Justin and Kerrah!
 We went up the canyon to try and beat the heat.  It was so very nice and of course Sam loved to scoot his boot in the big parking lot.

A small hike to lower Lisa Falls.  The waterfall was raging and scared the little man a bit, so we stayed back a ways :)
We spent Monday in Kamas with Mom and John. 
So patriotic, isn't he?
 Kamas parade.  The kids got tons of candy!  Sam loved the horses and big trucks that went by
 Love our family.
 Grandma Carol.  Thanks for having us up and feeding us yummy food!
 Nothing better than water fights!

 Happy birthday America!
 Went to the Oakley childrens rodeo.  Izac did the mutton bustin'!  He LOVES it.  Sad I didn't get a pic, but snapped one of another boy holding on for dear life
With basically no nap all day, this boy was surprisingly happy as a clam when we got home.  
We ended our day with, "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands!"

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