Thursday, June 9, 2011

kinda crafty...

And by "kinda," I mean I don't really do crafts and I'm not super creative.
I did however make this yarn wreath, with no help and came up with the colors/pattern/flowers on my own.

I have to say I'm proud of my efforts.  I cut pieces of felt to whatever looked good and made the flowers, then bought 3 buttons to cover up the imperfections in the middle :)  I used orange ribbon from some gift wrapping I kept.  I think it's just perfect.
 Lately, Sam has been LOVING to push and ride his scooter around.  He's getting pretty good at turning it where he wants it to go and will sit out there on it after Dan leaves for work for a good 20-30 mins...just talking to himself and saying hi to the birds.
 He gets so into his book in the car and tries to say what each thing is.  I ask him... "what does your book say?" and he usually always says "truckeee" or "boat!" (both of which are in the book amongst 5 other things.)  
It's pretty cute:)
 We took our first ride of the year in the bike trailer.  I was worried he would cry again like last summer, but he willingly wanted to get in and go.  He was a bit nervous when I started to pedal, so he held Mr. Monkey tight!  He did so great, just chatting it up and telling me everytime there was a bird or a dog.
 We do lots of playing at the park.  We're just waiting and waiting for it to warm up so we can spend our days at the pool.
 I went on a really long  ride last weekend as part of my race training.  17 miles on my bike and over half of it was climbing (this is all on trails-single track-no roads).  Re joined me for the last hour of it.  It was nice to have her there to push me through those last climbs, as I was feeling pretty hot and tired.  My face was COVERED in salt.  Can't wait for my next long ride this weekend!
My ride two days after that felt like cake since it was shorter.  I loved every minute of it!  There's just something about being on a bike that makes me SO happy.

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Steph said...

LOVE your wreath! so cute! this summer we are battle! I am serious this time.