Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nice ski boots

Here is our last week or so in lots of pictures, video and words.
Walked around Silver Lake again.  He loves that little hike! 
It's not summer without corn on the cob
 Watched one of Ali's soccer games with cousins.
 Took some dinner to J & K and got to hold baby Enzo for a minute (not nearly long enough!)
Sometimes we get tuckered out from playing all morning, that nap time can't wait for his bed.  Thankfully, he goes down so great after sleeping a bit in the car and then going right to his crib :)
 Watched the Draper Days parade with family and our cute friends.
I always say it's not flowers and rainbows all the time.  He has a sassy and testy side to him.  He was pretty mad in the car this time, trying to get outta the car seat.
I've been riding a lot.  Training for my first race has been pretty fun so far.  I've had some really long rides the past couple weekends (I call it "suffer saturdays") with shorter but hard rides during the week...this is along with the Crossfit style/Lifting program I'm doing as well.  I'm by far in the best shape I've been in since...well, forever.  Probably since I played soccer in high school.  Loving it.
 Been having good times at the Draper pool and the times we get to go to Sedra and Carters.
He's been having a good time standing and walking in his ski boots.  I'm amazed by how interested he is in them and that he can actually take steps with them on.  They are big on him!
Dan and I went on a bike date last night and had the best time.  Of course I didn't get any pictures, but we got to ride the Crest with my brother Matt and then get some dinner.  Just the two of us!
And here are a couple videos for your enjoyment :)

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