Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sam-18 months

What a fun age, seriously!  How to sum up the last three months?

Talking, words, sounds and not sitting still for more than 2 minutes!
He is on the go, go, go all the time and every other day he says something new.   Lately he's been putting two and three words together, which makes our life easier since he's communicating better :)
His favorites to say right now are- more milk. big truck or big water. help me please. again, again.  no,no,no mama or dada.  oh no!  ahhh, man!  more sprinkler. all gone.  starry night(signing time song).  watering can. swimmin' pool.  water plants, big bike and more of whatever he wants at that moment.

We feel very grateful and lucky that he's progressing so well with his words and talking, it's pretty amazing, especially when he says something and you think to yourself, "how does he even know that word?"  We definitely have to watch what we say around this house since he likes to repeat anything we say.

Loves to say his animal sounds
Becoming quite independent.  Many times we'll walk to the park and he'll push the stroller all the way back home...cause he has to, won't let me touch it.  I've also tried to help him across the water several times on our little hikes and he always says "no, no,no, no!"
 Loves to play with friends and cousins.  He especially loves Jane.  Like, A LOT.  He always has to give her many, many loves.  Every morning he points to the computer and says "janie bear" So, I pull up a picture of her and it's like the best, most coolest thing in the world.  It makes him SO happy.  If I take it down, he throws a fit!  Speaking of fits...he's quite good at the tantrums and being sassy.  We've tried time out a couple times, but I need to be more dedicated to it!  He can be naughty.

Loves to go swimming
He'll sit for a bit and play with toys, but that doesn't really last longer than 5 minutes.  He's taken an interest into stacking blocks and things.  It's pretty adorable to watch when he's in the zone, concentrating like crazy. He loves to watch "shows."  His favorite right now is Super Why or Cat in the Hat..along with his Signing Times.
He's generally a good eater, but has become picky.  A couple things he'll normally always eat...eggs, meat, fruit, pretzels, crackers, milk-whole and chocolate, dark chocolate chips and peanut butter.  We don't have many sweets or juice in the house, but he loves them when he gets 'em!
 I can't believe we are halfway to two years old.  It's crazy how fast time goes by.  We LOVE Sam so much and each day is a new journey and added joy to our lives.  LOVE YOU!
Weight-23 lbs  14%-  healthy as can be
Height-30.5 inches  9%
1 nap- usually 2-3 hrs.
Bed between 7:30-7:45 & up around 7am.

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