Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cali...part 2

Won't get grandma's lovely pics til later next week, so I'll add those later :)
We finally got to Dan's hometown 13 hours later.  So happy to be there. 
We instantly stripped the clothes off and he made his way to her stairs in the living room.  He LOVED those stairs.  Up, down, jump up, jump down...on and on.
Dan grew up is an amazingly beautiful place, in what most people would call the middle of nowheresville (not a word, but i like it)
Jane's house is surrounded by mountains, trees and lots of creeks, rivers and swimming holes within minutes and just outside of town (which is 20 mins from her house)

 We hiked up the hill behind her house.  You walk out the door and you're on the trail in seconds.  So cool.

 Heaven for this guy!  So many leaves, sticks, rocks and bugs!
She has such a lovely and big backyard.  Lots of playtime with the hose and little pool.
 We got to spend a day with the Hunts (their family friends) on their house boat. 

 There were plenty of kids to play with and this water table, in the water off the back deck was the place to be!
Family.  Grandma and Aunt Kelly on the left.  Kelly is such a good aunt.  She played with Sam so much and I know it's hard for her not to live close.
 Grandma made us lots (and I mean lots) of yummy food and a DELICIOUS bundt cake.  I was telling her my Grandma Fetzer made, by far the best 7-Up bundt cake I've  ever had.  She had a recipe and it was the same as Grandma Fetzer's!  
So good.
This was a typical scene.  Jane cooking and prepping our yummy food.  Sam snacking or eating before us cause he couldn't wait :)
 We went to a super pretty swimming hole called Helena about 40 mins from her house.  The water is SO clear and had perfect places to swim.  It was a bit too cold for Sam and me, but everyone else went in.
 Papa Mike drove two hours to meet us there.  We were so happy he could join us.  Dan and Kelly haven't been with him together in a really long time, so we were so glad he came.

So fun.
 She has a huge old patio under a huge old tree.  Perfect for riding!

Jane works at the nice steakhouse on the Golf Course in town.  She treated us to a fabulous, big and tasty dinner.  Mom and her kiddos :)
We had the best time ever.  It's just so hard to leave, especially now that we have Sam.  He just loves it!

Had to throw in some video of the cool rope swing at the river. Totally awesome!

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