Monday, September 12, 2011 parts

We had the best time visiting Grandma Jane, Kelley and Papa Mike for the last 10 days. 
It was really hard to leave.  
We love them so much and Sam just adores them. 
We started the road trip at 4am on a Friday.  Luckily, things went smoother than we thought they would, despite it taking 13 hrs to get to Grandma's.  We made our normal stops, but spent a bit more time out of the car to let Sam walk around.  We always stop for lunch in Reno and this time we went to the Rib Fest that was going on and it was tasty!  Sam slept for a couple hours, but most the time he was watching shows, playing with toys and eating snacks.  He was SUCH a trooper.
I'm waiting on some really good pics from grandma's camera, so part one of our adventure will be our time with papa in Mt. Shasta. We spent Friday night through Thursday early morning with Jane and Kelley, then drove 2 hours to stay with papa.  He lives in a seriously beautiful place and has done a ton of work on his awesome house.
The boys.  My favorite, most precious photo these days.  Love it.
 We were able to ride our bikes the three days we were there.  Thanks papa for staying while Sam napped!
 The view out of his windows.
So pretty and super fun riding!
 There were two little ponds in his backyard, one with lots of goldfish.  So fun for Sam.  He did some cruising on the bike.
 He loves it when Mike plays the guitar.  He was trying to dance and jump on the bed.
 TOO cute.
 The birds would eat nuts out of your hand in the backyard.  It was so cool!
 This was pretty much the scene the whole time.  Sam wanting to be with papa.  
We played up the south fork of the Sacramento river one morning.  Pure heaven for Sam.  So, so many rocks and super clear water.

 Sam kept saying "try again" to make papa keep dipping his legs. 
The usual scene.  Again :)
We played at Lake Siskiyou one day, then we rode from Mikes, through town then down and around the lake.  So pretty and loved the adventure of not knowing exactly where to go!

We could ride right from his house up to the trails.  We just love being there with papa and thank you so much to him for taking such good care of us.  We already cannot wait to go visit next year!

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Jessica, Tavis & Davin Cain said...

looks like you guys had a really good time! it was so good to see you all again and i cannot believe how big sam is getting!!! is he riding that bike with no training wheels?? holy!!