Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thirty One

I've never been anxious or apprehensive about turning another year older.  
Never had a hard time with and honestly, never was just another year. 
Until now.  Not sure why, but I was feeling all anxious that 31 seemed so much older.  I mean, it's just a number and I'm feeling better now than any birthday in the last 10-15 years at least.  I feel stronger, younger and more in tune with who I am and what I'm doing as a wife and mother.  It is awesome!   When I think about that, I forget that 31 is not 21 and I'm more than OK with that :)
Started off birthday week riding with Dan and Re.  Thanks to Ali for watching Sammers :)
We went up to Park City to visit the offices to say hi to some old co-workers of mine and stopped by the outlets for a bit.  He's not always happy, that's for sure.  This is him trying to tell me, "seriously Mom, I'm over riding in the car and sick of you asking me to say stuff."
Rode my bike again on Thursday, then Friday made a bunch of cupcakes for a BBQ with our friends later that night.  Went to lunch with my Mom, sisters and Kerrah.  Super fun!
 Went for a long ride from the Crest to the bottom of Millcreek on Saturday morning with two friends, Andy and Kat.  It was COLD and so very colorful.  I love that kind of fall riding.
 Went up to Oktoberfest with Justin, Kerrah and the boys.  Sam LOVED the guy making balloon animals.  He made him a frog.

If you have time to go up in the next two weeks, you MUST try the garlic fries.  Do it.  So good.

Thanks to my boys and family for making it the best birthday I've had in a long while!
And just cause this pic is too cute, Sam has been way interested in the "potty."  Not so much going, but looking at what's in there, flushing and the trainer seat.  
He always says "bye bye poop!" when he hears the toilet flush.  He's a long way from even starting to be potty trained, but at least he sort of knows what goes on in there :)
Had to throw in this video of the  boys and Sam dancing.  He loved it!

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