Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Went down to Moab this past weekend.  Sam's first camping trip and first time to Moab.  I knew he would love being in the desert, playing with all the rocks and sand and everything.  My only worry was how he'd sleep, but thankfully he did so great.   We put up both back seats in the Element, put the pack n play in there and he slept soundly both nights.  It's like he had his own cozy room, which worked out great for us having so much room in the big tent.   He even managed to nap in the tent just fine as well...all my worries for nothing :)
 It was pretty hot Friday and Saturday, so he went shirtless a lot.  We were down there with our friends Andy and Kat.  They wanted to do a short ride on Friday afternoon so while Dan shuttled them, Sam rode his bike a bunch.  
For some reason he loved riding it in the deep sand...despite me telling him it was harder that way.

 Had to take a break from the heat.  It was probably 90.  His cheeks were SO red, so he needed some break time with a show.
 There is a cool water fall and creek down a bit from where we camped, so we spent both afternoons there cooling off.  Sam LOVED it.

There was a sweet, soft sandy beach down from that waterfall.  The sand was seriously SO soft.  
Perfect for playing!
 Had to check our the fire before bed
 While Dan and friends rode the Whole Enchilada (30 miles of awesomeness), Sam and I went to Arches.
 I decided I needed a good workout, so might as well hike up to Delicate Arch.
 It's steep, especially with 25 extra lbs on your back.
 Spectacular.  Seriously.  I've been here a couple times long ago, but it was just as breath taking and pretty. 
Sam kept saying "huge arch!"  
Dan hadn't been to Arches before so while I rode the next day, he took Sam back to the huge arch.
 Happy family.  Our camp site was SO beautiful.
 Loving his awesome outfit.  So much going on here :)
 Watching the sunset up high.  The big walls around camp are just awesome.
I mostly love this because of the view.  Those two are pretty handsome though.
   Top of Amasa Back.
  Kat and I getting there.  It was perfect riding.  Cloudy and cool.  Can't wait to get back there.
We just love sharing the places we love with Sam.
And, had to throw in a video for our family.  So glad he loves his bike!

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