Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pretty colors

The colors are REALLY getting good right now down to the valley.  We've pretty much  been outside anytime we can to take advantage of the perfect weather and see the leaves changing every couple days.
 We've been taking his bike most places we go.  He pretty much demands it :)
Views on my ride last night.  Even with my crappy phone camera, it looks pretty.
While Sam went to the zoo with our neighbors last weekend, Dan and I rode bikes and had a lunch date.  
It was so fun and much needed and we had a great time, of course!
 We've been to Wheeler Farm a couple times.  What does a sheep say, Sam?  Ha! Love this face.
Perfect weather, again.
 We played with cousins Kate and Max.  
Sam had a great time and so did Max, despite his sister all over him :)
 Kate and Sam painted pumpkins.  Sam has been carrying his creations around saying "pretty pumpkins!"
We've been going on walks and little hikes with friends.  Hi James!
I had a little halloween play date here on Monday.  
The kids decorated cookies and play, play, played in the dirt and grass.  
Such a good time.
And one last pic, just cause I love it.  He's a bit obsessed with the lights on the bridge at Wheeler Farm.  Thanks goodness for lovely fall weather!

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