Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sam-21 months

I was telling Dan last night I couldn't believe Sam is this close to being TWO.  It's crazy how fast time flies, yet I'm glad we're at this point. 
This will be my last, every three month update so take it all in family ;)
 We've spent A LOT of time outside the last three months.  Swimming at the pool ended, but we've still been out and about most the time.  I'm excited that he's into going for hikes and riding his bike these days.
 Saying by to Dad in the early morning was our favorite when it was warmer.  Sam gives Dan the best hugs and loves before he goes to work.  It's required in our house that you do this each day during the week :)
He's so into exploring and lucky for us, normally stays pretty close and doesn't wander off too far :)
 He's been into "driving the car" when Dan comes home.   More often than not, we're outside playing when Dan pulls up and Sam runs to get into the car.  He thinks he's a really big boy!
 He's taken a HUGE liking to ketchup and anything that's "sauce" like.  Loves it.
Since the middle of last month, he's been way into pumpkins.  Any size or shape, it doesn't matter.  
He adores them.  Same with those elmo shoes.
 Over the past two months or so, he has slept in different places and is a champ.  
The race, California, Moab and Ali's house.
He's going to bed by 8pm and sleeping til about 7 or 7:30. 
Naps for about 2-2.5 hrs.  Down around 1pm.
Lately though, he's been waking early.  Those darn canines are giving him trouble.  Come on teeth!
 He seriously loves his little friends and cousins.  
I took this while he was trying to give Carter a little hug.  So cute.
Loves them.

We aren't happy and joyful all the time, especially on the poky hay :)  Thankfully, the majority of the time he is a wonderful, amazing little toddler.  
He's so smart, is a total chatter box and just loves life.  Right now he can say his alphabet, count to 10-sometimes 13, say his days of the week and knows most colors.  He makes us proud and I feel so lucky he is able to communicate what he's feeling, needs and wants so well.  He loves to watch the show Super WHY, Dinosaur Train  and any Signing Time dvd.  Even if he didn't want to sign things (he loves to and knows most all the dvd's we get from the library) he would want to watch those so bad.  He'll wake up in the morning and say "signing time, leah" So, sometimes we watch it at 7:15am :)
He is an added joy to our life and we love you Sam the mostest!
I'll leave you with this video from this morning.  His little voice is too cute.

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