Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh, Halloween!

What a fun night it was!
Mostly for me.  
Dan came along and was happy to help take Sam from house to house, but let's be honest...It was me that was super excited to see Sam trick or treat in his cute costume.
It made me so happy to see him have fun and do the things I remember as a kid.  
That's one of the best parts about being a parent.
 Visited my aunt Joan and did some trick or treating in Ali and Mark's old neighborhood. 

 Cute cousins
Janie the chicken.  Oh man, adorable. 
 We made it to Gardner Village last week.  It was cold, but I knew Sam would have the best time with all the pumpkins they had going on there.

 We carved a pumpkin on Sunday night.  Surprisingly, he was fine with and wanted to touch the guts. 
I then roasted the seeds.  
So good.

Duh Mom, the candy in this fake pumpkin is way better than the carved one!
We had some yummy burgers, mashed sweet potatoes before we left.  I also made pumpkin coconut Pannacotta.  A bit more sugar and it would have been perfect.  
So yummy though, you should make it.
This morning we woke up to cold and snow.  And, I'll be honest again, I can't wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday season coming up.  It bring me happiness to see Sam having so much fun and to hear him talk about pumpkins, witches, santa, turkey...all of it.  
Such joy!

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