Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hi snowman

His view this morning
 While we played in our bed this morning, he was just staring out the window saying how much is was snowing over and over.  
So cute.
Sam likes to be up where we're cooking.  Last night, his dinosaurs had to be there helping us out too :)
 We got special gift in the mail from Papa Mike yesterday.  Waited til Dan was home to open it up.
 Such a cool toy chest.  We'll stain it at some point.  Despite his sad face, two seconds later he just wanted to put all of his toys in there and of course, open and close it a hundred times.
 Thank you SO much Papa!
 After hanging in bed for a while and a slow breakfast, we ventured out this morning into the snow. 
Made a little snowman and took a walk around the block.  
So glad he likes being out in the snow!

Making chili tonight with Ali and girls and watching an awesome college football game.  I love these kinds of weekends!  Oh, and I have listened to christmas music already.  Don't judge. :)

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The Jacksons said...

Benjamin has those same pajamas that Sam is wearing in the first picture. AND I am also making your chili recipe this week. (i'm excited. yum!) AND i have also turned on some christmas music! we should be related.