Sunday, November 20, 2011

The perfect time to blog is....

When your husband is in bed shivering between throwing up.  
It's also a good time when Sam has gone to bed just fine-and hoping..HOPING he doesn't get it next.
It's also a good time after a fun weekend in St.  George with my sisters and Mom.  
Despite the fact that I most likely had food poisoning right when we arrived and the entire next day, it was still really great to be kid free, no schedule...just us. (we missed you Sheri and Kerrah!)
 I had a window of two hours that I felt sort of OK Friday morning, so I made it to brunch.   So disappointed though since it all looked so good and I ended up just hurling my tea and half a biscut up later :)
Seriously, their food looked SO good!

 After about 5pm on Friday, I finally started feeling better and slept like a rock til Saturday morning.  We had a day full of shopping, lunch, more shopping then more shopping....
 Followed by frozen yogurt!  Oh, and then we went home and Ali made some super awesome bread and yummy soup!  Wish I could have taken more pics of the fun, but I only got to have about half the fun they did.  
Next year!
And of course I had to throw in a pic of this guy.  He likes to "feed" his animals a lot.  I love how his imagination is working already.  
Here's to hoping he doesn't get the sickness and if he does, it passes quickly and we're all better for Thanksgiving!

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