Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heard that

All this week, Sam has been into listening to my shuffle.  
 Sometimes, he'll just sit there without the music on.  
I think he thinks it's cool to have them in his ears and attached to his shirt :)
He'll say..."listen!" or, "heard that."  So silly.

 So into it.
 In the last month or so, he's been WAY into getting way down on the floor to play with and inspect his toys.  I love it when I catch him in the "zone" of playing with anything he can get his hands on.  
Most the time it's when he's been stacking stuff.  Here he was telling his car to hold up the circles. Ha!
Getting a much needed warm jacket.  
Not his beanie, but he had to wear it the entire time we were in the store.  There may have been a meltdown when I took it off.  Maybe.
Just cause he's too cute.  And, I feel like he looks so big.  Like, for reals he is going to be TWO soon.  Crazy.
We played outside as much as we could l week in the sun and cold.  Now we're back to rain/snow and more cold.   
And, some vids- mostly for family.   Pretty much anytime we go into a store now he'll point out Santa, Christmas trees, lights, snowman or reindeer.  Sometimes a turkey.
I asked him last night what Santa says.  Adorable.

I wish the littlest, most simple things made me laugh like this!

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