Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little more about Christmas...
Dan had Thursday-Sunday off, which was oh so nice!  We both weren't feeling well on Thursday, so we all just relaxed and laid on the couch in pj's pretty much all day.
Sam decided to sleep til 8 or 8:30am everyday.  That was pretty much the perfect gift we could get. 
We all laid in bed til almost 9am most mornings.  
Heaven I tell you. 
Christmas Eve we kept it mellow.  Sam got to hangout in his new pj's.  
I think he wore them 3 days in a row.
Went to the torchlight parade at Snowbird that night.   Such good memories for me from when I was growing up.  
We went every year.
I homemade Spatzle and Dan made Stroganoff.  It was so, so good!
We ate real quick before Sam went to bed.  Not the best pic, but I love our humble little dinner, with sparkling apple cider to go along with it!
Santa came.
He left Sam with a few toys, art supplies, clothes and yummy treats in his stocking.

Got some awesome stuff from both grandparents.  This dump truck is a favorite. 
 We spent most the day in Kamas.  It was so very relaxing with tons of good food and lots of cousins to play with.  I love that he's able to get so involved with the older kids now.  
He was SO into their new stuff!
More candy and cookies, Mom!  He ate so much that day :) 
It was a great holiday and we can't wait to get 2012 started! 

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Hot Hot JJ said...

What a happy Christmas indeed! I love that Sam loves diggers as much as James.

One thing that James is loving is the book Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. It was $11.00 on Amazon and honestly his favorite book of all! Just a thought if you need Birthday present ideas. :)