Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year

2011 was probably my best year thus far.  Dan was saying last night it was for him too.  We did and accomplished a lot.   The year Sam was born was amazing, but last year...the best for us all around.
We're excited for what 2012 will bring.  Many new adventures and changes. 
Even though we don't stay up til midnight anymore, I did hear hundreds of fireworks going off for a good hour so really, I didn't go to sleep til about 1am :)
And even though Sam goes to bed around 8pm, that doesn't mean we can't show him a fun time and celebrate a little!
Started the day out celebrating Janie!  Happy ONE Year!
I love that they love each other and he tries to tell her to do stuff :)
 Headed to Alta for the torchlight parade.  Stopped at Snowbird for some yummy mexican food before. 
It was yum!
Watched the parade from the car.  Nice and warm AND the best view of the fireworks!
 So fun!
 Happy New Year!

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