Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last Saturday we went to the yummiest, cheapest Pho noodle house.  
If you like warm rich broth with yummy rice noodles and meat & veggies of your choice, this is for you!  I wasn't sure I'd like it, but after I tasted Dan's, I SO wish I would have gotten some.  You could go there and split a huge bowl and be totally full for under $10. 
That bowl is HUGE!
 Sunday night we had a fun dinner at Matt and Sheri's.  Like Sam always does, he was jumping off the couch into some pillows and on his last jump, something wasn't right.  He cried for a bit, which is normal but then when he'd try and walk, he'd just cry and you could tell he was in pain.  I ended up taking him to KidsCare in Riverton (thank goodness it was only minutes from their house)  We got some xrays, which was just awful for him, he was SO scared and tired since it was past bedtime.  Pretty much anytime the doc walked in, he cried "go home, go home!"  The xrays showed nothing, but he still wouldn't walk, so we were just hoping he jammed his toes way hard or hurt his ankle a bit.  We made it out of there with a sucker and otter pop, so that calmed him down a bit.   We spent most of Monday morning hanging on the couch watching shows, as he was still limping and saying his toes hurt.  By Tuesday, he was almost back to himself, jumping off the couch at Ali's house :)  He seems totally fine today.
He's also been getting into the tissue box.  I guess he likes to wipe his own nose now.  I walked out of the room for 20 seconds and came back to this.  He was just casually "blowing nose"  Love it.
 He's been a great helper in the kitchen.  I made chili the other night and he was SO proud of himself for stacking all the spices.  He could have played this game all day.
Ali and I took them to a playplace.  That was way fun for them.  They play so well together.
He's been into watching Thomas the Train lately.  He gets into the zone.
I have a growing belly, which I'm so grateful for.  I feel like a big blob, but at least I'm feeling better for the most part.  Tired, but not feeling sick all day, everyday.  I have my first appt. with one of our Midwives on Feb. 7th.  I'm really looking forward to this new adventure and experience when baby #2 joins our family.  Dan is so dedicated to his 100miler training.  He gets up by about 5am 3 days a week, then runs on Friday night and at some point on Saturday goes for a long run.  Usually at least 3.5-4 hours.   Go Dan!

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Ali said...

hey really, you need to go get some fresh air and realize how great you feel and look. Not blobby at all.
Where is this magical Asian Palace?