Saturday, February 4, 2012

Road trip!

Dan was out of town all last week for work.
We decided some fun in the sun and a bit warmer temps would be a good way to pass the time.  It also helps I'm feeling better these days, so it didn't seem too daunting to take a trip with the little guy by myself.
Ali's in-laws have a house down in St. George that we luckily get to take advantage of.
Thank you again Ali and Mark for a fun trip!
Packed and ready to go!  (sorry for the blurriness) 
All three kids did pretty well there and back.  
Sam was grumpy pants on the way home but we made it just fine :)
The minute we got down there Siri and Sam got on their bikes outside and after naps, inside too.  
 Two of the days Sam insisted on being "nakey boy" while they played outside. 
It was pretty adorable, especially when Siri also wanted to do the same.
 We played outside A LOT.  He took a liking to golfing for a bit.
 Jane LOVED playing in the rocks, grass and dirt. 
Such a happy family.  Love them.
They all ate so well together at the island.  Sam only fell off those high standing chairs like, 5 times.  Ha!
Lots of fun time at the parks with Ali and Siri.
Ali kisses
We swam some too.  Cute cousins.  He pretty much just wanted to jump off the side to me the entire time.  He'll be quite the fish in the summer.  I'm excited for it!
Went out to a nice dinner. 
He was SO proud that he had stacked his crayons AND truck on top of his cup.  
So silly.
Tuckered on the way home.  Can't wait to go back sometime soon!


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