Monday, February 13, 2012

The weekend

Nothing special, but I just love it when we get to spend so much time hanging out, doing nothing and when Dan and Sam get to play and run around together. 
 Friday we had our cousins (who aren't in school) over to play and decorate cookies. 
It was fun to have them all here!
 Of course, he had to spend time in a box.  He LOVES to sit and play in any sort of box.
Had Pho noodles again.  Oh my, SO good.  
Since Dan ran for 5 hours earlier in the day, he ate every last bit of that HUGE bowl.  
Just what he needed!
Made a special little love treat.  Also very good.
Overall I'm feeling back to my normal self here at 16 wks along.  I'm tired, but not nearly as tired as I was last month.  I've been getting to spin class, lifting some weights and try to go for walks with Sam when we can.  My left hip hurts a lot, but other than that and an ever growing belly, I'm happy!
Tonight is date night!
Oh, and I think Grandpa Mike is coming to visit and help with another project in the next couple weeks.   
Can't wait!

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