Thursday, February 9, 2012

sort of a Thankful Thursday...

This will all be very random and long today.
First of all,  I've been feeling extra thankful the past few days.  
And I wanted the grandparents and family to see some Sam videos and pics of his new bed.
So onto the thankful parts...
We had a scare on Tuesday that shook us pretty hard (thankfully everything is OK..). I had my 16wk apt.  I was so excited to see one of our midwives and hear the heartbeat!  We chatted and talked about how things are going.  I asked some questions then we got onto laying down and getting Sam close to hear things.  Everything the midwife does in a monthly pre-natal apt. is the exact same thing an OBGYN would do...exactly.  So we listened and listened, changed positions, listened more and nothing, nada.  No sign of a heartbeat at all.  Inside I was dying after 2 mins of not being able to hear it and after about 10 mins of trying, nothing.   
So while I'm freaking out, the midwife is checking to see what hospital can get me in the soonest for an ultrasound (their ultrasounds are done on Mondays, I was there on Tuesday).
So, for two hours I was devastated.  I imagine this is the way I would feel and cry if one of my close family members or friends had passed away.  I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  Poor Sam kept saying "mommy, little bit sad."  Ugh, my heart!
Thankfully, I could run over to Ali's and waited there until Dan arrived and we left Sam and headed to the ultrasound.   The whole time I was thinking what would I do if at over 15 wks there was just no baby?  So many thoughts were going through our heads.  In the end, everything is great and I am SO very thankful it was just a scare and that I have Dan and Sam in my life.
We saw baby moving and the heartbeat was strong...although my placenta is right over my stomach, basically blocking much of hearing anything from baby at this point.  The ultrasound tech said it's fine though and it should be moving up as baby gets bigger.  Let's hope so!
We tried to see the gender, but it was a bit too hard to tell.  Kind of thinking girl from what we saw, but we'll find out for sure on March 5th!

Alright, onto happy fun things...
We got Sam's big boy room ready.  He's a tiny boy in a big bed now and we just love it.  There's nothing like seeing your child grow and become more independent, even at two years old.  Dan put together his drawers and bookshelf.  Thanks to Justin and Kerrah for the bed as well! 
He is so excited to jump on the bed, play in his room and now it's actually a place where we spend a lot of time reading and playing.  He's adjusted great.  He rolled out one night so I quickly put him back in (didn't even phase him) and one morning he was on the floor when we went in.  Other than that, it's going great!  Of course I was worried he would be up lots at night and his naps would suffer, but it's the opposite.  He sleeps like a rock and his naps have actually been longer all week.  I'm sure as the weeks and months go by he'll figure out he can play and try to open the door... instead of sleep :)

Love this.

And here are some random videos, just cause I love them. 

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Meg said...

Wow, that is crazy! I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, I can't imagine! I'm so glad that everything is ok. How fun if you have a girl!