Monday, April 2, 2012

St. George fun

We took a little family vacation to see Ali run her marathon in St. George and to have a nice four day weekend with Dan.
Probably our last and only family "vacation" before little sister comes.
Thank you so much to Ali and Mark for letting us stay and hangout and be there to see her run. 
It was just so awesome.  
 Seeing one of the closest people to me finish and do so well in something like this is really special and honestly, kind of emotional (probably these preggers hormones)  I am SO proud of her!  She's wanted to run a marathon for a long time and to finally be able to be in that "club," I know means a lot to her.  
I just know she'll do another one someday!
 Her biggest fans.
Sprinting to the finish.  She looked so good and seemed like she felt great the entire race.  So awesome.
 We did lots of playing outside with Janie and Siri.  Sam and Siri, for the most part played so well together.  I love to see them play and talk to each other these days. 
Cutest Jane.  The poor girl had so many falls and bonks when we were there.  What a trooper!
 A little hike.  Did some exploring

Little family.
 Went to Snow Canyon for a bit before we left.  I thought Sam would LOVE the sand dunes...
He definitely did not.  Bummer.  Maybe next time.  Still handsome though :)
Such a fun time.  Dan got to ride his bike everyday and the weather was just perfect.  
Can't wait for our next trip down there sometime!

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