Monday, March 26, 2012


...things just don't go the way you planned.
Dan was going to text me at 25 miles when he races Saturday.  About 10:15am, I got a text and was like "wow, he's ahead of his time!"  
In between playing with Max and Sam, I checked the text and it said, "knee s#%t the bed, dropped out, on my way home."  NOT what I was expecting.  
Pretty sure I was and still am more upset, mad and sad about it than he is.
He had to remind me yesterday that he was really pissed and unhappy about having to drop and the reality is that he just can't run on a hurt and painful knee like this.  He is bummed.  How could you not be after six months of training and looking forward to a big race like this, followed by his 100miler.  
When he got home he was limping, so I knew it was bad.
He was bummed out yesterday, but has been nothing but delightful, played with Sam all day and stayed busy all morning with little projects around the house.
I'm not sure I would have handled it as well as he is. 
Now he moves onto letting his knee heal (it's his IT band that is giving him trouble) by not running a lot and he'll start riding his bike soon.  I want him to ride as much as he can and have the best time before baby comes.  Then, I'll want to get back into riding my bike, all while being a busy mom of two :)
You're amazing Dan.  Everyone knows it (especially this little kid)  Someday you'll do that 100miler!

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Worn Right said...

Often, injuries remind us of our fragility and that it why I tend to find my joy through the "process of becoming". These setbacks can sweeten the result by testing our resolve. I look forward to the day when you complete the 100 miler and can reminisce on your accomplishments while simultaneously planning your next great endeavor.