Monday, April 23, 2012

The weekend

Just some pics and stuff from our weekend...
Friday night we met Ali and girls at Murray park.  No pics of that, but it's become one of our favorite places because Sam can play by the water and throw rocks til we have to pull him away.   The playground is also pretty awesome!  I'm sure we'll be there again at some point this week.
 Dan was gone all Saturday morning, so we went for a fun bike ride around the neighborhoods and stopped at the park.  
The weather was perfect
That was followed by some awesome popsicle time on the deck.
While he was napping Dan and I worked in the yard.  I mowed the lawn.  It was hard and I was exhausted!  It's a push mower, so it was extra hard to push in my state :)  
I think I'll leave that to Dan from here on out.
We visited some family friends Saturday night and Sunday. 
 Sunday morning we tried a new waffle recipe.  We soaked and fermented some Buckwheat groats for three days prior and mixed in some eggs, sugar and vanilla.  It was basically like eating a sourdough waffle as far as taste goes.  Dan cooked them so they had a nice crispy texture, so good!  Despite wheat being in the word, there is no wheat in these at all, thus the reason we tried this out :)
Sam chowed them down!
We  spent some time on the deck with his little pool and slide.  If there's a helicopter or airplane in the sky, Sam will always, always want to see it and know where it is.

 Love them.
Decided to get out of the house and go to the Quarry trail. 
 Since I had such a good time pulling Sam in the trailer and in general I just love being on my bike, I thought I might as well try a mellow bike ride on the trail.
This belly is seriously getting in the way!  Other than my uterus feeling uncomfortable and not being able to reach my bars properly, it was a great (and short) ride.  I felt totally fine endurance wise but I think I should probably just stick to pulling Sam in the trailer around the neighborhood.  My uterus felt like it might burst while I was pedaling up some of the sections!  As much as I want to keep riding trails, it's going to have to wait until the fall when little sister is out :)
See that truck?  He hasn't put it down since he got it from the Colletts.  They have been friends of ours for such a long time and Matt just LOVES to play with Sam and let him choose different trucks each time we're there.  He also has to sleep with it for naps and night.  
Silly boys and their trucks!

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