Friday, April 20, 2012

Stuff they say

Before I had Sam, I always loved it when my little nieces and nephews were in the phase of learning how to talk, and even more so when they started talking in sentences.
Lately, Sam has been saying the cutest, funniest and most random stuff.  It just comes out of the blue or when he's trying to tell me something or explain himself.  It's pretty amazing too the stuff they remember.
So that I can remember and of course for family, here a few lines from this past week....
 *We get to the back door to walk in "See Daddy, he working it out now!"  Then races down the stairs, doesn't see him working out and says.  "Ohhh, he's not, he's at work."  

*I walk outside while he's been on the slide "Mom, what's that noise?"  I don't know, what is it?  "It's Ali!"  Ali?  Like, Ali and Siri?  "Yeah, yes...she running.  We see her!"  (remembering her marathon from a month ago)

*Today before he went for a nap and was outside playing "Ohhh, my tummy aches so hard Mom."  Oh no bud, are you OK?  Want to be cozy and read a story?  "Yeah, my tummy ache is so nice and special"  

*Today as we're driving away from Ali's "oh, so cute...Janie and Siri have take naps in the garage. So sad." 
 And some other random stuff.  
Scored a $15 slide off KSL.  He LOVES it!  

 Last night before bath, he asked to get on the potty.  We talk about the potty and how that's where big boys go pee and poop, but he never wants to actually sit on it with no diaper.  So of course, as soon as he asked, Dan swiftly picked him up and took his diaper off and let him hangout there.  He was on and off for a good 20-30 mins, making sure his wee-wee was facing down :)  He had his trains for some company and flushed twice.  While I appreciate that it's a step forward (he is not ready by any means) I didn't love that he peed on the rug promptly after he was done "playing" on the potty.  Silly boy!  At least it's something though, for him to even want to sit there.

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