Monday, May 21, 2012


 We've been spending a lot of time at Ali and Mark's new house.
I was nice and volunteered Dan to change out their old manual sprinklers to auto/timed ones.
It's definitely not an easy task and takes a lot of time and calculating, but Dan is more than happy to help and give of his time.  
I'm so happy he's a good example like that. 
 He says he's paying it forward for the countless times his Dad has helped us with our projects...and, we hope to get some good photo sessions out of Mark in return ;)
He usually rides around from the back to the front like this all the time.  
Tonight he was going especially fast and following Dan everytime. 
 I just love it.
We brought dinner over to Dan tonight.
I called it our Sprinkler Picnic Party. 
 It was actually pretty fun!
In other haps, we tried to play at the new splash pad that's close to our house, but the water wasn't on.  
Sam also had a major meltdown/tantrum, which made it especially hard to stay with our cousins and friends.  
Oh my, it was a rough one.   
He cheered up once I diverted his attention at Old Navy, before going to the birth center for my glucose check....which, was normal and healthy and things are going excellent thus far with little sister at 30 weeks.


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Ali said...

Thank you Dan!