Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday weekend

 Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial weekend...despite the downer weather on Saturday and Sunday.
Since we knew it would be rainy and cold, we didn't plan much. 
 We did a lot of this-inside fun!
We went to the park with Ali and girls, ate some really good BBQ for lunch, then went to eat more good food at Matt and Sheri's.  
Sam just loves playing with his cousins and I love, love that he really likes them too :)  
He especially likes Connor. 
 Took him golfing for the first time after the weather cleared a bit.  
He loved watching Dan hit the balls, but especially liked when we took him over to the little putting green "Dad, hit it in the hole!"  Over and over.

Today we went on a big long walk, stopped by the park and ate the same yummy BBQ again.  Took some naps while Dan went for a bike ride, mowed and then headed to the new splash pad/park for a picnic.
Unfortunately, Sam just got this funk that Ali and family had and it got progressively worse all afternoon.  Since he has so much crap in his lungs, when he coughs it just upsets and scares him, which ends up in a meltdown, crying, "I'm scared" situation-which happened at the park.  He was so upset and was just looking for comfort.  You can see in his eyes and when you hear it how bad it hurts.
This is how we're ending our evening...being cozy on the couch with a movie.
Thankfully he's been sleeping fine, but we'll see how tonight goes.
Here's to hoping he feels better very soon, as he and Dan are flying to California for some family time. Woohooo!
Oh, and we want to at least have a couple play dates this week, too :)

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