Monday, June 4, 2012

32 weeks and a quick Cali trip

 How Far along?  32 weeks, give our take a couple days since I have two different due dates at the end of July. 
Maternity Clothes: I like to be comfy, all the time.  Workout clothes are pretty much what I wear besides my stretchy capris and comfy shorts. Anything lightweight is what I want to wear.
Movement:  A lot.  All the time.
Weight gain:  25lbs
Sleep:  OK.  Up at least twice to pee.  Usually toss and turn for a while at some point between 2 and 4am.  I'm exhausted by 8:30pm most nights and just want to lay on the couch!
Symptoms:  Peeing, A LOT.   Still tired around 2-3pm and need to rest while Sam naps.  Feeling big (although not as big as I was with Sam, thank goodness).  My feet have been swelling a bit, so that's uncomfortable.  I try to keep them up when I can, but the heat, oh the heat is awful and makes the swell!  I feel like it's 200 degrees outside all the time:)
Cravings:  Nothing in particular.  Still fruit of any kind.  I did want potato salad everyday a couple weeks ago.  So good.
Best moment that past couple weeks:   Reading and gaining more knowledge to give birth unmedicated, at the birth center.  I'm in a place now mentally that I can really envision giving birth and what it will possibly be like outside of the hospital.  It's really so amazing to think about and look forward to.  Sure I'm nervous about the pain and all that, but I feel calm and am open to any way that it goes, as I've dedicated time to reading, learning and knowing what my body and baby are supposed to do and how to cope.  My plan is to be open to any scenario with this birth.   Also, Sam keeps saying he will "rock sister in her blanket" when she arrives.   So adorable and he's just becoming SO aware.  Love it.
Friday through Sunday morning Dan and Sam took off to Cali to celebrate his grandparents 90th Birthday/have a family reunion (his Dad's side).   Sam took his first ride on an airplane.  
I was  bummed that I wasn't going to be with them, but I did enjoy my time alone. 
Dan said he did awesome.  Looks like a good time to me! 
 Hanging out with Great Grandpa Pop for the first time.
 He was lucky and got to have lots special drinks and treats...of course!  
Nan and Pop have this awesome fish tank outside.  Talk about heaven for a 2 year old. 
Sam's first trip to the beach AND with Grandpa Mike! 
 Dan said it took him a while to really get into the sand and was pretty afraid of going close to the water...pretty much what I expected :)
 Getting into it
Four generations.  I really love this photo.
 All of Dan's extended family on his Dad's side.  Again, bummed I missed it!
Happy Birthday Nan and Pop!
We get to spend a little more time with Grandpa Mike since he'll be driving through here on his way home from Cali.  

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