Saturday, June 9, 2012

The best kind of visits...

...are the ones when we don't know how long Grandpa will be staying!
I was spoiled last weekend with alone time while Dan and Sam were in Cali.
Then, Grandpa Mike drove to visit us on his way back from the big weekend and stayed with us all week!  I felt so spoiled again to have him here, doing projects, helping and playing with Sam...A LOT. 
 I so, so appreciate all of it and can't wait for his next visit after little sister is here.
 Went to the splash pad.  He's pretty hesitant around spraying water, but Grandpa was able to get him to touch and go in a little bit.  I try to go at least twice a week so he can get used to how fun it could be!
 He took some really long naps since we tuckered him out.  I'm cherishing it!  This day he had slept for about 3 hours.  I heard him so I went in and he didn't really seem happy so I asked if he wanted to lay down again and within a minute, he was sound asleep again :)
 Grandpa took him on a long hike up Bells.  The big waterfall terrified him...
He was much happier at the reservoir, watching and feeding the ducks.
Even caught a lizard!  He's scared of spraying water, but LOVES and bugs, lizards or anything like that.  Such a boy.
 We've been wanting a bench for more seating on the deck and I casually mentioned the last night he was here that we should have gotten that done.   We were pretty much on our way to go to dinner, when Mike was like, "oh, we can do this in an hour"  So, instead of going out, we got some yummy Indian food, enjoyed it here and they built the bench in no time.  I seriously LOVE the fact that Grandpa is so handy and so motivated (and loves) to do projects.
He loved these.  Makes the sanding not so loud:)

 I really, really love this photo.  Three generations of awesomeness!
Thank you again so much Grandpa!

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